We Help You Turn Your Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise into Scalable eCourses, and Online Programs.

Let’s Paint A Picture

Starting Line:

You have a course in mind, that you think would be perfect for an online platform. You know vaguely how an online learning platform works. You’ve seen a couple of online course that you really liked and know that you can provide your content online too.

Finish Line:

You have all the information (literally from A – Z) on how you’re going to get the course online, what platform you would like to use and what your options are. All you need to do is get the content on a platform and hit the Publish button! 

We provide customised support, and this means working together with you at whatever stage you’re at on your eCourse creation journey. We have different packages for different levels of support.

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Our Packages

We will look at the materials you have and help you figure out what is ideal for an online platform. We will work with you to create a detailed project map and identify the best platform for your eCourse.

With the Plan package, you will have a straightforward, achievable plan along with clear timelines and strategy to build your eCourse.

We will look at your project plan and content for your eCourse and help you put your videos and materials on a suitable platform. We will create a well structured membership site to ensure a user friendly experience. 

With the Build package, you will have course materials on a beautiful membership site along with a sales funnel to help you build your database and sell your course!

We support you with your eCourse creation from scratch. If you already have an eCourse, we can help you to market it and provide administrative support to your students. 

With the Launch package, we Plan and Build your eCourse. We also provide administrative support working behind the scenes to manage your course and students once your course launches. 

Our work together has enhanced the image of my company!

Nicole is extremely talented at what she does, as well as structured, disciplined, reliable, and most of all she makes us feel like she cares for us and the success of our business.

It has been such a pleasure working with Nicole and Bhairavi; I can confidently say that our work together has definitely enhanced the professional image of my company.   I would highly recommended their services to any small-medium company looking for high-quality business support.

Sonia Samtani, Director, Sonia Samtani Limited
www.soniasamtani.com | www.allaboutyoucentre.com

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