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Plan Your eCourse

With great experience comes great skill. And you’ve got lots of both!

You might be thinking that this skill can be shared with others who can benefit from it. What better way to share in the 21st century than the internet! Yes, we mean creating an ecourse!

Now, ecourses are all the rage. Everywhere you look someone has a course on something and it’s somehow life changing. We believe that. We believe an ecourse can change lives … we’ve enrolled in a few ourselves and we’ve become better people!

But what makes a good ecourse? You might be thinking:

  • How do these successful trainers catch the attention of people around the world and build successful online courses that make a lot of money? (By they way, it’s not necessary to have teaching experience by the way but it’s always good)
  • How does it all work?
  • Where should I put my course?
  • How do I decide what course to create?
  • What marketing strategies can I use to promote my amazing course?
  • How do I even get started?
  • Is there a magic word you can say to make all this easy? (the magic word is Team eCourse Implementers … you’re welcome!)

Don’t fret! We’ve got the answers to all your Hows, Whats and Wheres!

All these questions can get overwhelming. It’s understandable that the confusion and uncertainty around creating ecourses can be a roadblock.

To be honest, creating ecourses isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires time, commitment and most importantly planning. Very strategic planning.

So if you’re doing this the first time or you’ve done this a few times but know there’s room for improvement or you simply want someone to talk your ideas through, our PLAN package is just the one for you.

Give us your original content, and we’ll give you a blue print of your amazing eCourse.

It’s simple really.

Content is king and you’re the creator. You know your stuff and we know ours. We will work together and with our powers combined, you will have a straightforward, achievable plan to build your ecourse.

We’ll help you with:

  • Discuss and define your goals
  • Review your course material and create a structure for your online course
  • Create a detailed project map
  • Discuss and develop pricing strategies
  • Determine the platform best suited for your ecourse
  • Share tips and tricks on marketing
  • Finally, we will help you set realistic timelines to launch your ecourse along with timelines for all the smaller goals that will keep you on track to your launch date.

Too often, we have seen clients set deadlines that are by no means achievable. The content isn’t ready to be put online, the videos aren’t recorded, the workbooks aren’t created and there’s no list of people who are primed to buy the course.

There’s a lot that goes into planning, creating and launching an ecourse and that’s why, it’s good to have a solid plan as a foundation to build upon.

Already have a plan and just need to make sure it sounds right? We’re happy to be your sounding board! Get in touch with us and let’s discuss.

So would you rather put together an ecourse hastily just to get it out into the world and have no one sign up OR would you rather invest time in planning a course that will actually be fun to create?

We’d certainly hope the latter!

Our work together has enhanced the image of my company!

Nicole is extremely talented at what she does, as well as structured, disciplined, reliable, and most of all she makes us feel like she cares for us and the success of our business.

It has been such a pleasure working with Nicole and Bhairavi; I can confidently say that our work together has definitely enhanced the professional image of my company.   I would highly recommended their services to any small-medium company looking for high-quality business support.

Sonia Samtani, Director, Sonia Samtani Limited
www.soniasamtani.com | www.allaboutyoucentre.com

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you create a plan to ensure your ecourse creation process runs as smooth as ever!