We Help You Turn Your Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise into Scalable eCourses, and Online Programs.

Launching your eCourse

With great experience comes great skill. And you’ve got lots of both!

You might be thinking that this skill can be shared with others who can benefit from it. What better way to share in the 21st century than the internet! Yes, we mean creating an ecourse!

Now, ecourses are all the rage. Everywhere you look someone has a course on something and it’s somehow life changing. We believe that. We believe an ecourse can change lives .. we’ve enrolled in a few ourselves and we’ve become better people!

You’ve thought of creating an eCourse and you sort of have an idea of how to go about it but you’re not 100% sure that it’s for you. Let’s walk through this. Are you interested to:

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field
  • Earn money from training and sharing knowledge without having to be present in person
  • Create financial growth and freedom for yourself in your business
  • Make time for other things in life and still do what you’re passionate about
  • Develop more premium services but still offer cost effective option to your clients
  • Connect and teach people around the world, attracting clients globally

I’m sure you answered yes to the above and that’s why you should create an eCourse!

It’s not easy. We’ll be upfront and honest from the get go (something you can always expect from working with us). Creating an eCourse takes a lot of time, energy and focus and requires dedication and commitment to seeing it through successfully. You’re either lacking in time, resources or skills to create an eCourse and that’s what we’re here to help you with.

Our LAUNCH package is the perfect package for those who either need help with the entire eCourse creation process (including planning, building and launching) or with marketing and managing the course.

Give us your original content, and we’ll help you launch and manage your online program.

Content is king and you’re the creator. You know your stuff and we know ours. We will work together and with our powers combined, you will have a straightforward, achievable plan to build your ecourse.

Already have an eCourse ready and just need help to market and manage it? Talk to us and find out how we can help!

In our full Launch package, we will work with you on everything from our Plan and Build packages. This includes:

  • Content and course structure and development
  • Creating learning materials
  • Developing a membership site
  • Creating marketing materials and sales pages
  • Creating a marketing strategy and manage your social media for the eCourse.

It doesn’t end here! We’ll also provide administrative support to manage your eCourse once it has launched. This will include:

  • Managing the membership sign up process
  • Designing and delivering all the necessary communications to participants during the course (e.g.: reminders, announcements)
  • Be the point of contact for support related issues – payments, technical etc.

This way, you will be working with a team to manage your course once its live.

We’ve worked with a lot of clients that are always on the go. They’re working hard to share their knowledge and skills with people to enhance and add value to their lives. A lot of the times, they find themselves feeling burnt out or tired of doing the same trainings over and over again. This is the right time to think about converting the traditional in person or classroom style training into an online training. Not only does this allow you to still continue teaching, you can reach more students and free up time for yourself as well.

You’re passionate about what you do and so are we. We love to teach and we love to learn! We would love to be a part of your creative journey as you discover financial growth and freedom to focus on different aspects of your life.

So would you rather put together an eCourse hastily just to get it out into the world and have no one sign up OR would you rather work with the experts and launch a successful
eCourse that will fulfil your goals.

We’d certainly hope the latter!

Our work together has enhanced the image of my company!

Nicole is extremely talented at what she does, as well as structured, disciplined, reliable, and most of all she makes us feel like she cares for us and the success of our business.

It has been such a pleasure working with Nicole and Bhairavi; I can confidently say that our work together has definitely enhanced the professional image of my company.   I would highly recommended their services to any small-medium company looking for high-quality business support.

Sonia Samtani, Director, Sonia Samtani Limited
www.soniasamtani.com | www.allaboutyoucentre.com

Get in touch with us and let’s talk about how we can help you create a plan to ensure your ecourse creation process runs as smooth as ever!